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I’m already using Shopify Payments, and I want to add hemp or CBD products to my store. You can use Shopify POS to sell hemp and/or hemp-derived CBD in person in accordance with the same requirements as your Shopify online store. No. Stores that sell hemp or CBD products can’t use Shopify Payments to process payments. Yes. You can use Shopify Shipping to send hemp and/or hemp-derived CBD products to your customers, provided that the applicable carrier allows it. CBD hemp flower describes the flowers (buds) of the cannabis plant that has been cultivated specifically in a way that allows it to have high cannabidiol (CBD) and low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. Hemp is a relatively new plant that has less than 0.3% THC in it; hemp is not classified the same way as cannabis. Inhalation is the quickest way to get CBD into your bloodstream. Get in touch today to find out more. If your state has legalized cannabis or has CBD-only dispensaries, you may be able to find CBD flower or “bud” with little to no THC. A study published in May found that synthetic versions of CBD may also work on seizures, based on preliminary studies in rats.

Some preliminary research suggests that CBD may be useful for those who have trouble sleeping, while other research points to a potential role for topical CBD in skin health. This list may not be exhaustive, and may change over time. You can change your payment settings to use a third-party payment provider. Please confirm that your third-party payment provider is integrated with Shopify before proceeding. I use Shopify Payments for my non-CBD store, can I include a link on this site to my separate CBD store? Merchants can sell hemp and/or hemp-derived CBD and other products on the same store if the payment gateway allows for the sale of hemp and/or hemp-derived CBD products. I’m located in a state that allows the sale of hemp and CBD products, where can I sell to? 2. They support the sale of hemp and/or hemp-derived CBD products, as applicable. The main benefit of hemp-derived Delta 9 is legal on a federal level and in all 50 states.

A full list of third-party providers integrated with Shopify can be found at Ways to accept payments in the United States. Can I use Shopify Shipping to send hemp or CBD to customers? Shipping services will have their own policies regarding hemp and/or hemp-derived CBD products, so you should contact the carrier you want to use and confirm that they’re able to deliver your products. Shopify has partnered with integrated third-party payment gateways that currently support the sale of certain hemp and/or hemp-derived CBD products. Can I use Shopify POS to sell hemp and CBD in person? You should consult your own legal counsel to determine where and what you can sell. Can I do that? If you’re new to CBD, understanding the available products and their dosages can be overwhelming. The FDA states that CBD products could cause serious side effects, such as liver injury. After you’ve determined where you can sell your products, you can ensure that only customers from certain states can receive your products by editing your shipping zones. Can merchants sell hemp or CBD products and other products in the same store? Which payment providers can I use to sell CBD products? Hemp-derived Natural cbd gummies supplement transactions are vetted more carefully by third-party payment gateways than other transactions, so the application and approval process might be more involved than usual.

Some retailers are opting to openly stock their shelves, even though they face the threat of prosecution for selling it. Third-party payment gateways take into account many factors in approving payments and rates for shops selling CBD products, including product type, whether the business was recently created, transaction history, volume, product mix, and others. This doesn’t prevent you from using Shopify for your business. Yes. If you were previously removed from Shopify Payments for the sale of hemp and/or hemp-derived CBD products, then you can still use the Shopify platform to host your store. Shopify Payments is not available to hemp or CBD merchants at this time. You can learn more about how to set up and restrict shipping locations by product with Shopify Shipping profiles. Interestingly, the 62.3mg dose was no more effective than the 6.2mg dose. The oil provides 250 mg of CBD per serving, the strongest dose in this article. Q3. What Are the Primary Types of CBD Oil Available? Approvals are at the discretion of each third-party payment gateway, and Shopify can’t guarantee the approval of your shop. Shopify does not provide legal advice.